• Increase rate

    Dear clients, After analyzing our budget forecasts for the coming year, the Board of Directors and Management have made the decision to increase the rate of our activities. We had to make this choice in order to respond to the rising charges on our organization and to maintain the quality of service that is ours. It should be noted that the rate increase will be applied to all activity rates as of August 1, 2019.



    New effective rates on August 1st 2019

    Membership card (all types)


                  0 %

    46 $


    Subscription to the fitness room  


    3 %

    3 months : 61 $

    6 months : 93 $

    1 year 179 $


    Group classes and free swim

    Classes : 79 $

    Free swim : 72 $

    (period of 13 sessions)

    * Note that the rates for group classes and bathing sessions are for a total of 13 sessions and not 11 sessions. Following a request by many of you to extend the autumn session into December, we decided to add two more sessions.  

    Thanking you for your understanding, please accept our sincere greetings. 

  • Parking vignettes

     Parking vignettes are now on sale. Inquire at the secretariat of Viomax, local 153.1, 514-527-4527 p. 2329



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