• Update on Covid-19 impact on Viomax activities

     Update on Covid-19 impact on Viomax activities

    May 21st 2020

    Dear members of Viomax,

    On March 15th, Viomax posted a message on its Web site and Facebook page for its employees and members announcing that it was interrupting its activities. This decision came following an order from the Quebec Government to shut down all non-essential services to prevent further person to person spread of the Corona virus and enable a majority of Quebecers to stay at home.

    On Wednesday of this week (May 20th) the Government announced the resumption of non-organized outdoor recreational sports activities carried out individually or in pairs, without physical contact and with limited or no access to sanitation facilities1 (see reference below to find out about the specific activities that are permitted).

    The physical conditioning activities that the members of Viomax undertake in our facilities are for the most part done individually and without contacts but they are taking place indoors in spaces of limited dimensions. The risks of contagion are much higher indoors than outdoors and for that particular reason, the Government does not recommend that fitness centres resume theirs activities for now.

    Even if reopening dates for fitness centres and public swimming pools have not yet been set, Viomax’s managers and employees have started to plan for reopening its facilities. Without a doubt the resumption of our physical fitness activities will include strict adherence to the two meter physical distancing norm between participants. Consequently, the number of participants at any time period will have to be monitored. Resumption will also introduce many measures for managing access to the facilities, waiting periods before and after the training sessions and for the use of sanitation facilities. Disinfection of fitness machines and other equipment, wearing of masks and use of disinfectant gel will have to be mandatory.

    There is no doubt that reopening will have to be progressive favoring activities with a limited number of participants and adding slowly activities with more participants. This progressive reopening will also enable Viomax to make needed improvements in the implementation of these mitigation measures.

    However, before thinking about reopening, Viomax needs to get the green light not only from the Public health authorities of Quebec Government but also from its main partner the CIUSSS-du-Centre-Sud territory that oversees the activities of the Lucie-Bruneau-Rehabilitation-Centre. There is no doubt that the rehabilitation centre will want to secure a smooth running of its essential activities before it allows Viomax to welcome back its clientele.

    Meanwhile, the reopening of our economy in the regions of Quebec and next week in the Montreal metropolitan region will provide feedbacks on how well the mitigation measures (physical distancing, wearing of masks…) are working to stop the spread of the virus. As for fitness centres, some provinces (British Columbia) and states (Texas) have already permitted the reopening of these facilities and should also offer feedbacks on how well the situation remains under control in these specific environments.

    Finally, as you are all well aware as members of Viomax, a fairly high average age and an elevated presence of pre-existing health conditions, means that many of you are at a high mortality risk from a Covid-19 infection. For that reason, Viomax and the CIUSSS-du-Centre-Sud territory must implemented a well thoughtful plan that includes optimal mitigation procedures to reduce as much as possible the person to person spread of the virus.

    We invite you to periodically visit our web site and Facebook page to stay inform about the reopening of our activities. We hope that you and your loved ones have not been infected by

    the Covid-19 and that you are still following the recommendations from the public health authorities.


    Management Viomax

    1Gouvernement du Québec (2020). Resumption of outdoor recreational, sports and leisure activities during Covid-19. (On ligne) (On May 21st 2020).



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