Viomax is a very dynamic nonprofit organization that offers a very wide programming of physical activities for persons with a physical disability. Viomax is the only organization in the metropolitan area to have a gym that is fully accessible to wheelchair users and mobility-impaired persons. The organization is distinguished by the unique expertise of its staff, by its programming which is very adapted to the specific needs of its members, and by its adapted equipment that enables its members to enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

The organization currently reaches more than 1000 members. This reflects the great desire of people with disabilities to lead active lives. Our activities take place in three environments: the fitness room, the pool and the gymnasium. Viomax is for children, adolescents and adults.

All Viomax employees are either kinesiologists or physical educators who are assisted by attendants and volunteers whose priority is the welfare of our members. Our credibility has slowly but surely been established among health professionals throughout the years, and today, the majority of our members is now referred to us by their doctor.

The expertise that we have developped after many years of pionneering in this field is now extremely valuable given the phenomena of aging population and sedentary living. Furthermore, we strongly believe that leisure and physical activity should be accessible to all. 

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