Registration procedure for a person with a disability

  • Have your doctor fill out the Viomax medical certificate.
  • Send us the medical certificate once completed.
  • (by mail, fax or in person)
  • Once the certificate is approved by Viomax, we will contact you to complete your registration.

The medical certificate is available online

However, we can also send it to you by mail or fax. You can also pick one up at the Viomax office (office#153.1, 2295 Laurier Avenue East).

medical certificate


  • Anyone interested in the activities of Viomax must obtain a membership card at a cost of 46$. This card is valid for 1 year from the date of registration and is nonrefundable. The participant then has to add the cost of the desired physical activity.
  • We do not accept other medical certificates that you may have been given from your doctor and that might be accepted by the SAAQ, CSST, etc.
  • Registration is not possible without the Viomax medical certificate completed by your doctor.
  • Prices include taxes and are subject to change without notice.
  • Aquatic activities cannot be transfered from one session to the other. No refund will be granted except upon presentation of a medical certificate before mid-session.
  • Generally a minimum of 8 people is required to start the group activities in the gym and pool.

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